News: Epic surfing Bocas del Toro

Transworld Surfing Magazine went to surf Bocas Del Toro with Red Frog Bungalows. This is Dylan Graves from Puerto Rico getting an amazing wave at Paunch. The Red Frog Bungalows crew hosted Benji Weatherly, Dylan Graves, Ben Bourgeois, Nate Tyler, and Cj Kanuha in January and scored some epic surf..

How To: Red Frog Bungalows Surf Guides. We know how to surf!!

Red Frog Bungalows has the best surf guides in the Bocas Del Toro Panama. Experienced, considerate and dedicated to customer service. We practice our skills all over the planet. Selected are photos of our guides surfing globally this 2010 offseason..We know what we are doing!!!! Red Frog Bungalows will get you into waves you will never forget..Often imitated but never duplicated...Red Frog Bungalows

News: Surf Red Frog Bungalows Bocas Del Toro

Red Frog Bungalows Eco-Ocean Resort is the only resort in Bocas specializing in all ocean activities. Surfing in Bocas Del Toro is world class. We have the largest selection of new longboards, short boards and we have added 4 new Stand up Paddle boards to our quiver. We are the first and only resort to offer Stand-up Paddle surfing in Bocas

News: Bocas Weather Can Suck

We've just postponed our trip to Bocas del Toro, Panama... indefinitely. The challenge with surf travel is weather really has to be perfect. Surf not too small, not too big. No rain to wash you and all the gross-ness into the ocean. Then you kind of always want some sun to help you dry off and tan up in between sessions.

News: Scotty, owner of red frog bungalows

Scott Balogh is an amazing surfer and obsessed with showing you the best surf places...mostly cause he wants to get 6 good hours every day.  Red Frog is eco certified, which means it uses rain water, and the internet connection is spotty.  But this is a plus.  you feel like you are on a tropical island...and you are.  Only access by motor boat.   Scotty loves nothing better than to roast the obnoxious surfers by cutting a rooster tail 1 feet from their surf board.  "I roasted that brazilian j...

News: Surf Bocas 101

In a nutshell Bocas del Toro is an arcipelago on the Carribean coast of Panama. It's located about 20 mi south of the Costa Rican border and you can get there from both San Jose and Panama City. The main islands are Colon, Bastimentos, and Carenero, but there are over 100 islands you can explore by boat.

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