News: Nomad Surfers Take on Bocas

Nomad Surfers Take on Bocas

Nomad Surfers Take on Bocas

We found a great collection of reviews on Bocas Surf Lodges  at NomadSurfer.

Here's a brief except of their wisdom on the Jewel of the Southwest Carribbean:

The best and more reliable swell season is December-February, when wave heights average 3-6 feet during this season, but can get up to 8-15 feet on the biggest swells. However, it can also go dead flat for days at ANY time of the year even in peak season.

The green colour of the water and clarity of the ocean in Bocas is just incredible, combined with the abundant jungle backdrop and tropical sun provides a beautiful setting for your surfing experience.  The most ordinary waves are reef breaks, but there are also some beach breaks, tubing, shallow and can be risky at times! There are few rights but the lefts are widely ranged. Bocas del Toro's waves normally favor short boards.

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Bastimentos Lodge is Red frog bungalows. Book with Nomad surfers and get uncrowded excellant surf

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